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Trip to Hell

by Trippelgänger

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When the ticking stops From the doomsday clock I'll be far from here The demons rise When you shut your eyes And face your deepest fears When you know the end is near You fill your mind and soul with fear As you shed your final tear All you love will disappear As the clock is ticking loud And your time is running out The sky becomes a thundercloud You scream and cry in fear and doubt Doomsday clock Doomsday clock Doomsday clock Doomsday clock When you soak in acid rain Trapped inside a hurricane All your blood runs down the drain Crying out for help in vain Doomsday clock Doomsday clock Doomsday clock Doomsday clock
I am laughing, people stare What's that misfit doing here? Walking lonely with myself High on life, nothing else I am talking to my mind Thinking thoughts I can't combine Wrestling with my fragile head Is this life or is it death? Is it just a fantasy Or is there something wrong with me? Am I the one telling tales Or is it everybody else? Out of order Out of order Out of order Out of order I am laughing, people scream Am I living in a dream? Walking in a shrouded mist  High on substance, can't resist I see people overcome And my brain is feeling numb Is all this even real? See the truth that I can't feel It is such a mystery What is wrong inside of me? Am I the one telling lies? All they do is agonize Out of order Out of order Out of order Out of order Out of order Out of order Out of order Out of order
I'm a madman, baby You're high octane Your fuel is getting to me Driving me insane Get in baby, and I'll take you for a ride! I'm no magician, honey Just got a couple of tricks Our destination Route 666 Hold on honey, and I'll take you for a ride! I am intoxicated Cus' I'm under your spell We can take a left to heaven Or go straight to hell Strap in baby, and I'll take you for… I wanna feel the rumble Pedal to the floor You've given so much already But I'm ready for more Get down, baby, and I'll take you for a ride Get down, baby, and I'll take you
There is no other home for all of mankind Tear your house down and build a prison in your mind Your god of love was just a fake memory A fascination with the things you can't see The end of reality The end of reality The end of reality The end of! Caught in a chasm between nightmares and dreams Awaken in your sleep as Lucifer screams Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Mercury A moonless night on Earth, it surely will be The end of reality The end of reality The end of reality The end of!
Someone is messing with my mind A shadow creeps up from behind And as the sun is sinking fast This is no ordinary witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Black steam boils from the witch's brew A wicked potion just for you And in the smoke forms a mirage This is no ordinary witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft On her wall hangs a pentagram I have forgotten who I am Hypnotised by the witch's laugh This is no ordinary witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft Witchcraft
Evil demons in your head Evil women in your bed Satan wants you, now you are dead! Evil faces all around Evil people break you down Satan is your god in the ground! And you're going down! Evil bastards everywhere Evil masters be aware Satan wants you, say your last prayer! Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!
Deadly toxins spreading fear Is our vision even clear? Multi-headed freaks of mind What has happened to our mankind? Virology! Living in misery! Heredity! Mutations inside of me! Tyranny! Virology! Going on with my predictable life No one will know if I got the knife Don't you tell me again to wait Take a look at this mess I made! Virology! Living in agony! Munity! Won't accept your apology! Injury! Virology! Now that we are nearly gone It is clear that I'm the one To exterminate the rest Now I'm sure this was our test Virology! Living in misery! Insanity! Manipulating biology! History! Virology!
Army of None 03:52
We are marching through, a no man's land We've been fighting, for the sake of man Fighting all the wars, forgotten and done We are the army, the army of none We are the army of none! His body is broken, old and forgotten His brother's corpse, in the field rotten Leaders won't hear the masses’ plea World run by men who disagree We are the army of none!
Killer on the loose Murder in our town Hang him by a noose Throw him underground Killer on the loose He's a wanted man Son of Lucifer Roaming through our land The evil we fight With all of our might Dead or alive Yeah! Killer on the loose Darkness clouds the sky Everywhere you hear Souls that scream and cry Killer on the loose Devil in disguise In his slaughterhouse Everybody dies The evil we fight With all of our might Dead or alive Yeah! The evil we fight With all of our might Dead or alive Dead or alive Dead or alive Dead or alive Dead or alive
Hellfire 06:30
Centuries of burning flames Worshipping in Satan's name Kissed by burning fire and blood Floating in a magma flood Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire Drowning in a sea of red Walked the plank and left for dead An ember soup so fiery Hell is my home for eternity Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire Sitting in my prison cell Within the burning halls of hell A pile of ash will be my tomb As I face impending doom Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire Hellfire Tartarum Qui descendit ad infernum Tartarum Qui descendit ad infernum Tartarum Qui descendit ad infernum Tartarum


'Trip to Hell' is a compilation album consisting of our EP's 'First Trip', 'Second Trip' and 'Third Trip', plus an additional new song, 'Army of None' which is the last track left from our EP sessions and marks an end to the first chapter of the band.
The album will take you on a trip through a heavy, sonic experience inspired by the 70s, filled with powerful guitar riffs, massive drums, and growling bass tones. The ground will open and you'll be dragged to the depths of hell, through time and space, back to the early days of doomy heavy metal!

The tracks from 'Second Trip' and 'Third Trip' has been remastered, to sonically better match up with the tracks from 'First Trip' and on Bandcamp we have exclusively included some demo bonus tracks, that are only available if you purchase the album.

This compilation album will be released on CD very soon! But we have yet to find distribution for a vinyl release. Please hit us up, if you would like to help us release it on vinyl!

Our first recording sessions took place back in the summer of 2020, and was originally thought out to be our debut album. It was abruptly stopped by the police, due to noise complaints from the surrounding neighbourhood.
After considering a few different options, it was decided to release three tracks as the EP 'First Trip' and find a new place to record the remaining songs.
In December of 2021 we finally resumed recording tracks for 'Second Trip' and 'Third Trip'. They were completed and released in May and September of 2022.

Here are some of the review and comments, from people who were kind enough to voice their opinion on our music:

"They've come from 1974 to save us... Could this be the offspring from Pentagram and Coven?"
- Sargent Signals

"Hitting the oh-so seductive proto-rock vibe that Magmakammer's Mindtripper did back in 2018, Trippelgänger's 'Second Trip' doesn't shy away from genre tropes. Instead, the group embraces them and drop a triple-decker of trippy heavy psych tracks on our plates that lands with a flourish and a proper aesthetic. The group's love for the sabbathian forefathers is as evident as their respect for Sleep and the infamous Uncle Acid."
- Crypt Guard

"The doomsday clock is ticking and guides you through your ride of virological doom addiction! I guess Ozzy and Tony would really enjoy this stuff."
- Andreas Muhr

Thank you to everyone who has listened to our music, purchased it on Bandcamp, attended our concerts or in any other way supported the band. We deeply appreciate all of you!

This is just the end of the first chapter and there is a lot more to come.
We are working on a lot of new music, so we hope you will stick around and wait a bit - it will be coming out later this year!


released February 9, 2023

Written, arranged and performed by Nicklas Lind, Christoffer F. Moland and Tobias Jacobsen

Produced by Trippelgänger

Mixed by Christoffer F. Moland
Mastered by Kristian Øgir
Additional guitars and arrangements by Alex Syberg

Special thanks to Malene Schwabach Rahbek, Christian Ernst Empleo Thomsen and Morten Holmsgaard Kristensen


all rights reserved



Trippelgänger Aalborg, Denmark

Born in the wake of artists like Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats, Sleep and Black Sabbath, Trippelgänger’s goal is to further enrich the heavy metal genre. We aim to create music played and recorded live, inspired by the heavy sounds of the 70s.

Trippelgänger is:

Guitar, vocals - Nicklas Lind
Bass - Tobias Jacobsen
Drums, vocals - Christoffer F. Moland
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